Posted by: nat5066 | January 7, 2013

Coming Home…

It has been quite some time since I have last posted anything on here.  I’m not sure if anyone will even see this post… but…

After my last post, I finished up my finals and did very well in all my classes- yes I passed them all!  After my finals were done, I spent a few days in Cairns to snorkel and scuba-dive the Great Barrier Reef with Janelle.  It was by far one of the best things I did on my trip.  I will post pictures soon!

It was very hard to say goodbye to the many friends I had made along my travels, we even shed some tears!   It was especially hard to say goodbye to Janelle, Loraine, Jade and Courtney.  The five of us spent lots of time together!  We all still communicate via facebook and skype.  I even received a Christmas card from Loraine that was all in Dutch!

I just want to thank everyone for reading my blogs, sending me letters in the mail, encouraging me and all the support.  It truly was an adventure of a lifetime and I hope that all of you got to live a little bit through me!

Once I said goodbye to my last buddy, Loraine, I finished packing my bags and said goodbye to my little room with it’s Thrower Green walls and my VERY comfy bed.  It was an early morning cab ride to the airport where my journey home began.  I flew from Canberra – Sydney – LA – Dallas – Pittsburgh.  I arrived home on Thanksgiving evening around 6pm.  I was so tired and hungry that all I could think about was eating some mashed potatoes and turkey (that I didn’t have to cook!) and going to bed.  I called my Mom to find where her my Dad and Matt were waiting.  My stomach was turning as I walked down the halls and down the last escalator.  This is the moment I had been waiting for, for over 4 months!

The first person I saw was my Mom, she came towards me holding a bouquet of flowers.  With tears in both of our eyes, we gave each other a big hug!  Anyone who knows me knows that my Mom is far more than a mom- a best friend, role model, biggest fan, supporter and believer in me.  My Dad was the next one!  He gave me a big slap on the back and huge hug and said the my favorite words “Hi Nic Nic”.  Big Matt was the next, he had a big smile… if anyone knows Matt it is the big Matty-Matt smile!  Matt was so good throughout this whole time.  I honestly could not ask for anyone better to have supported me or to be so happy for me!  IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE THEM!

The four of us headed to my Grandparents to eat come food were I got to see Katie and then Brad later on.  The next day I  knew I was home… there I was in Dad’s front yard chasing a goat around with Brad that got out- welcome home!  Saturday we all headed to camp for the first day of rifle and on Monday I was sitting in the woods with my Dad enjoying the simple things in life!

I feel like I have so much to say, and many will never even read this, but it is a great way to document my journey and all the things I want to remember!  Thank you to every single person who read this blog, commented on it and sent your love!  I appreciate it so much and I have learned so much from this experience.   I love sharing my stories and talking to everyone about this!  As they say down under, No Worries 🙂




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