Posted by: nat5066 | November 9, 2012

Queenstown New Zealand

This day was by far one of the highlights of my whole time abroad.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and can laugh at my funny faces!  I also have a video of my whole experience jumping out of a plane that was 12,000 ft in the air… but that will have to wait until I get home 🙂

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New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world, and as you can see from the photos I had to make my time here memorable!  Besides from jumping out of a plane, we also had fun riding the gondola up the mountain to ride the ‘luge’.  The ‘luge’ reminds me of goat-carts, but they have no motor and simply are controlled with a steering wheel as you fly down the montain on the race tracks!  It was so much fun to do this with the girls!  Here are some pictures!

Chanelle and I on the gondola going up!

Us girls riding the luge!

The luge track going down the mountain!

Not a bad view



  1. that is awesome!!! i have been reading this and its cool.
    SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!

  2. that luge looks like fun seeing you skydiving reminds me of a song” 8 miles high” scenery is better than anything in potter county. the greens are greener and the blues are bluer.

  3. awesome nicki i am speechlesss just amasing lvu nicki cant wait 2 see u love ya dad

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