Posted by: nat5066 | October 22, 2012

Spring Time

The sunshine is shinning and the days are starting to get nicer and nicer.  It has been in the 70’s lately, and on a really nice day closer to 75 and 80 out!  You can definitely tell the sun is a lot hotter over here.  (Don’t worry Grandma, I am putting sun screen on.)

If you remember my pictures from the very beginning of what campus looked like, you will appreciate these photos now!

I walk this everyday. This is the main path that leads to the student court.

Here is another picture of the 4 girls I become very close to here.

Loraine from the Netherlands, Jade from England, Courtney from Seattle and Janelle from Canada

This week I am just finishing off and submitting three papers and presenting a group project.  I can’t wait for the weekend to relax!  Countdown for New Zealand: 9 days!



  1. You are gorgeous! We miss you!!

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